Plank-on! Believe in your core TM is a registered worldwide trademark, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, with production based in Rome, Italy, and founded in 2015. The idea was created by Dr. Eric Lindquist, a career veterinarian, ex-college football linebacker and current sports enthusiast, who decided to create and implement a sportswear line 100% Made in Italy that reflects a philosophy of personal belief in excellence. The entire collection has been studied and created in synchrony with emerging Italian designers and the spirit of cofounder and fitness competitor, Gianluca Petrai, who shares the spirit of excellence personified by the Plank-on! line. Our company has its roots in the passion for sport, created out of commitment and sacrifice  synonymous with superseding every obstacle! Those who choose Plank-On not only decide to wear the Italian quality products but also wear the concept of “Believe in your core!"

This Plank-on! passion and ideology has been woven into a rapidly developing sports and leisure brand of clothing and accessories created for the comfort and functional style that addresses every type of training and fashion forward casual living. The Plank-on! line is a fusion of the rough & tumble American way of life combined with traditional and emerging Italian style & quality. The Plank-on! company decided to strongly focus on Made in Italy products in order to parallel the quality of life concept integral within our trademarked phrase; “Believe in your core." . This Made in Italy sportswear modus operandi allows us to occupy a very important and unique position in the sports fashion industry. in a short time the brand Plank-On! has been appreciated internationally for the quality of its products which has led to our outfitting of sports teams with the Plank-on! concept. We believe in what we do every day, earned by our hard work, driven by our strong passion so join us in wearing Plank-on! and show that you "Believe in your core" ... Wear it, believe it, live it ... ..as do we.